The Future Of Fashion: Top 10 Wearable Tech Brands You Need To Know

Technology has changed the way the world we live, the way we communicate and the way we shop.  You could buy anything with just one click. For instance, you plan to buy a bag, just visit Lux Time to buy the one you like.  The tech companies even have entered into the world of fashion and it is slowly changing our daily attire.  Listed below are a few tech brands.

Smartwatch- These watches are connected to your phone and you can view all the notifications and use the features of the phone through your watch.

Solar powered jackets- These jackets come with a built-in solar panel so that you can charge your electronics any time you wish.

Fit bit- It helps you in tracking your overall fitness level by counting steps taken, calories consumed, etc.

Athos sportswear- This sportswear can monitor and give feedback about the athlete’s performance.  

Levis commuter jacket – This jacket is designed especially for the urban cyclist. In the left cuff, the conductive yarn is stitched onto so that it enables the user to just swipe or tap to fulfill certain tasks like changing the music tracks, answering calls, etc.  

Emel and Aris smart coats- These smart coats come with intelligent heating technology inside.  

Zentas wearable- This version of a wristwatch from Zantas wearables not only allows the person to get connected to the important notifications from the phone but also it tracks emotions.  It monitors stress levels, breathing patterns, sleep quality and the overall mood.  

Thesis couture’s stilettos- It focuses on functionality. The ballistic polymers used in the heels prevent the pain in the feet.  

Engineered leather jacket- For this jacket, the leather is made in the lab. The modern meadow company is able to design and make leather in the labs.

Unseen color change wearable’s – The color of the accessories like scarf, backpack, phone case etc changes when it interacts with the environment such as sunlight, air pressure, wind, etc.